QDEP is gearing up to launch its 11 ^ 11 campaign.

∆ The setup? ∆
$11 goes a long way!!
Imagine if 10,000 people each got 11 of their friends to donate $11.
About the same price as a movie ticket, a new album, or two foot-long subs.
If 10,000 people each got 11 of their friends to donate $11 – we would raise over $1 million dollars for QDEP!!
You can sign up for donations right on the spot or text /call/email/tweet/Instagram/tumblr your friends to help us raise funds for our work!
∆ $11 to the $11th power is the look!! ∆
The deadline is November 11th! The fundraising begins on 11/1! 11 days to get 11 of your friends to give $11 each! And to get those folks to get 11 of their friends to raise $11 each!

Let me know if you want in! I will build a page for you today!

Help us continue the work in providing assistance/services to those most affected by immigration detention. Your donations keep us, our fellows, and our ~*vital*~ services for the community going!
What is QDEP?The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project assists folks coming out of immigration detention in securing structural, health/wellness, educational, legal, and emotional support and services. We work to organize around the structural barriers and state violence that LGBTQI detainee/undocumented folks face related to their immigration status, race, sexuality, and gender expression/ identity.
We are committed to assisting folks in building lives outside of detention, to breaking down the barriers that prevent folks from building fulfilling and strong lives, and to keeping queer families together by demanding an end to deportations/ detention/ policing. We believe in creating a narrative of thriving, not just surviving.

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