The Queering Immigration Podcast (QIP), is an extension of the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP) that seeks to amplify, empower and bring to the forefront queer detainee & immigrant narratives that are often marginalized in our dominant culture. Media intervention (s), educational outlets, and the carceral & justice systems all seek to further marginalize and criminalize queer immigrants due to systemic and structural setbacks that favor white and heteronormative people. The podcast is a place where members can share experiences, channel their emotions and provide perspective to people who often disregard or ignore the voices of those who do not look like them or share similar backgrounds, expriences & oppression (s). This podcast works to eradicate the mainstream criminal vs non-criminal dichotomy embedded in our immigration system that undermines the dreams, aspirations and individualism of each queer immigrant. Through an intersectional approach, the listener will be able to understand injustices that occur everyday, to our friends and neighbors, and to demand institutional change so that we can all be free from the system.