From Adelanto in Cali to Elizabeth in NJ, we believe that detention must be abolished for all LGBTQI immigrants!

The first week of September, ICE plans to release their decision with to where they’ll segregate transgender women currently in their custody. One of those locations is already known: Adelanto Detention Facility in Southern California.

There is currently a make- shift GBT pod in Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey, and there will be many more that will exist all over the United States! These pods will hold LGBTQI folks, but specifically transgender women in segregation.

This is ICE’s response to our protests to the violence ICE has perpetrated against transgender women. But we must tell ICE that THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.

This is a pinnacle moment in the movement and we must intervene now and take action today!

Points of Unity include:
✭ End all LGBTQI detention
✭ Segregation is not a solution
✭ Stop ICE’s plans in Adelanto and detention abuses against our NYC/NJ community
✭ The government cannot protect LGBTQI people, then they should not detain LGBTQI people

Join the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, Enlace to stand against the inhumane treatment of trans and queer detainees! We are family, let’s stand together in solidarity with our LGBTQI siblings detained by the state! We will meet in front of ICE headquarters in NYC and fight against state violence!


RSVP to the facebook event!


✭ Invite all of your friends, help us mobilizes 100s to hold ICE accountable for their acts of violence! ✭

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