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Queer Honduran youth in need of assistance raising $7,500 immigration detention bond by second week of June!

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Erick identifies as a gay, cis-gender man. He had to flee Honduras because he was abused and threatened by gang members, who tried to force him to act as a mule for the cartel.

Erick believes he was chosen because, one of the gang members knew his sexual orientation and perceived him to be weak.

Erick has been verbally abused, harassed and mistreated his entire life for being gay in Honduras.
Erick has a $7,500 bond– and it is unfortunately not abnormal for judges to place exorbitant, unattainable bonds on folks.
This is sadly a time sensitive request. Erick has to pay bond by the second week of June or go before a judge who is not that sympathetic to LGBTQI Honduran asylum claims and will likely deport him back to Honduras. And then back into the hands of the gangs.Bonding Erick out of detention shows to the judge that he has community support and that there are folks outside of the detention walls watching what happens to him and his case. It will definitely be in his favor when it comes time to rule on his asylum case.

We need your help to raise this huge bond. Let’s come together as a community to raise the money that he needs, so that he can be liberated from the immigration detention! And again, anything helps, $5, $50, $500!

Please contact QDEP’s ED, Jamila, directly if you have any questions:

And please forward this a long to all of your contacts, he needs all of the support that he can get and we don’t have much time.
If you want to write to Erick, please write to him at:

A# 206-871-451  
Erick D. Herrera  
Elizabeth Detention Center  
625 Evans Street  
Elizabeth, NJ 07201