Fredy is a gay man from Guatemala, where he was the victim of repeated violence because of his sexual orientation. Fredy was shot, assaulted and threatened for his choice to live as an openly gay man in his home country. He is also the survivor of sexual assault as a child. The Guatemalan police took no meaningful action to keep him safe.

Fredy fled Guatemala and braved the dangerous journey through Mexico to live safely in the United States, where asylum can be granted to members of the international LGBTQI community. Fredy arrived in the United States in January 2017 and has been detained since in Stewart Detention Center, run by the private prison company CoreCivic, formerly Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).

Fredy applied for asylum but was denied by the Stewart Immigration Court, one of the harshest immigration courts in the country, granting only 7% of asylum claims in 2016. He is now fighting his appeal. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative successfully represented Fredy pro bono at his bond hearing so that he can fight his case outside of detention and in other courts, where his chances of winning freedom are far better. Help us raise $15,000 so that Fredy can finally live safely and with the freedom to be himself, and a gay man.

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