Gretta Soto Moreno is an undocumented transgender activist, artist and writer who has been held in ICE detention centers for nearly three years. QDEP has been writing to her for the last year once we were informed of her presence within the US immigration prison system.

After living for many years in Phoenix, Gretta ended up in the notorious for-profit Eloy Detention Center, where she was housed with men. Last year, ICE moved Gretta to the Santa Ana City Jail, where she and other transgender women report abysmal mistreatment including frequent full body cavity searches, often performed by male guards.

ICE continues to refuse to release Gretta from detention, in spite of the fact that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in her favor. Weeks ago, an immigration judge finally granted Gretta a bond of $7,500. As soon as this money is paid, Gretta will be released from detention.

Gretta is a brave, compassionate and intelligent woman. She is excited to finish her GED after her release. She is particularly eager to continue advocating for her transgender migrant community.

Gretta’s birthday is coming up in March. Please give whatever you can and share with as many people as possible so Gretta can celebrate her birthday with her community, as a free woman.

Any funds raised in excess of Gretta’s bond amount will go directly to pay the bonds of other trans and queer migrants in detention. When Gretta’s bond money is returned by ICE at the end of her immigration case, we will put it back into other folks’ bonds.

Transcend Arizona is a grassroots organization of transgender and queer formerly-detained migrants who work to liberate our community.
Please donate to her bond campaign today.
With your help, we can #FreeGretta

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