Maggie is a 31 bisexual woman, that came to the US when she was 10.

Unfortunately, Maggie has had a rough road since arriving to the United States. Maggie a victim of incredible domestic violence and sexual violence. As many folks in our LGBTQI communities, she got caught up in and became addicted to drugs. This all occurred post- her abuse, drugs are what she resorted to to cope with her trauma, as many survivors of violence do. Due to her addictions, Maggie has been caught- up in the US immigration prison system with her only convictions being related to her struggle through addiction.

Her bond is currently at $3,000, we have only raised roughly $800; the sooner we raise the bond, she can be released and reunited with her children.

Maggie has two daughters that are both citizens that she wants to get back to now that she has confronted her addiction and is working through recovery. Her daughters, Ivy (10) and Catharine (11) miss their mother very much and can’t wait for her to come home.

But the most concerning is that as a bi woman, she fear being deported back to Poland due to the persecution and violence that she will experience for being bisexual back in Poland.

Since being incarcerated in immigration prison, Maggie’s peers have learned that Maggie is bisexual and have begun mistreating and harming her due to their homophobia.

She hopes to get her life back, to be reunited with her children, and to become a dental assistant again, which is what her previously career was before everything went downhill.

Please give to her freedom here.

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