Rexford is a 31-year old Black gay man from Ghana who has been detained by ICE since July 2016. Growing up in Ghana, Rexford saw multiple gay men attacked and beaten in public, and he knew that if anyone discovered his sexuality he would be in grave danger. One day, his family discovered that he had been dating a man, and his cousin tried to kill him for disgracing the family. A group of men later told Rexford they knew he was gay and that they would kill him if they saw him in the community again. Rexford fled to the United States seeking asylum, and he has been detained by ICE in a New Jersey jail since last July while the government decides his asylum application.

Last week ICE agreed to grant Rexford humanitarian parole, recognizing that he is not a security or flight risk. However, ICE set a $5,000 bond, which Rexford cannot pay. Rexford has no money, but he has friends in New York who can contribute $2,000. If we can raise the other $3000 by May 1st, Rexford can get out of immigration prison and start building a new life while he pursues his asylum claim.

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