Hillary Clinton spoke at the #NIIC this week. During her speech she spoke about supporting DACA and DAPA to keep families together. However, her plan for immigration reform does not include LGBTQI families that have children via non- typical heteronormative means. Further, under her husband’s time in office, the 96 laws were pushed through; creating deportable crimes and has torn a part families for petty crimes– even those that are green card holders.

Further, she spoke out against private immigration detention, while speaking at a conference (NIIC) that was sponsored by one of the largest investors in the Million Shares Club, JP Morgan Chase; a company that owns over one million shares and collectively with other Million Shares Club businesses, owns over 2/3 of GEO & CCA, the private prison companies that house immigrants in the US for ICE.

When our ED, Jamila Hammami, and organizer Cindy Martinez, of Families for Freedom, also spoke out against her speaking at the event, her response was advocating to shifting from private detention centers into public– clearly not a solution to violence against immigrants in our country. Shifting privatized immigration prisons to public prisons does not resolve the issues of extreme violence that the LGBTQI community experience in the prison immigration system.

Read more here, through the NY Daily News.

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