This Past Weekend, Over 120 students, researchers, teachers, advocates, attorneys and so on gathered at the New School for a weekend long discussion on furthering the queering immigration narrative, mobilizing against a climate of hate & abolishing the PIC & detention center (s). We had panels talking about strategies to end international LGBTQI detention, storytelling to abolish prisons, detention systems in the UK & Australia, Undocuqueer Youth and many more. On Friday, we honored the amazing work that Christina Herrera of Trans Latina Network, Alan Jenkins of the Opportunity Agenda, Desis Rising Up & Moving (DRUM) members & Brooklyn Winery does who actively employs members of QDEP to work in their locations.

We encourage people who attended the conference to keep in touch, stay updated and follow us on social media platforms.

It is the continued attendance of people from the conference that helps keep our work going. The more people we can bring to the table and join the fight for prision abolition and queer liberation the better.

Select discussions & panels will be posted on the QDEP Soundcloud Pod Cast Page in the coming weeks.

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