The Trans Queer Migrant Freedom Fund is a national fund to pay the bonds of trans and queer folks who are incarcerated in immigration detention centers. The steering committee represents various communities across the country that are coming together to create and administer the fund.

The lowest bonds that we’ve been seeing have been $7,500 nationally, while the highest bonds have been $25,000 and up to $60,000 bonds.

Bond goals:

  • To provide partial bonds to those detained
  • To seek out matching fund amounts for those currently detained by bond recipients community
  • To foster community within the bond fund to continuously support a rotating bond fund for those facing state violence
  • All bonds will be posted by members of the bond fund committee to ensure return of the bond to the fund

Selection Criteria:

  • Transwomen are prioritized for bonds
  • Those that are LGBTQI & HIV+ are prioritized for bonds
  • The bond committee has the discretion to provide bonds based on a case- by- case basis dependent on funding available and bond recipient circumstances


TQMMF committee is working to raise $10,000! We hope that you will give to support LGBTQI folks that are in immigration detention.


Need help with a bond? Email us here.